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A new generation gets to meet and play with the Peanuts characters by reading a charming gridiron story and then playing a football puzzle game.
Filled with bells and whistles only possible in an app, kids experience this classic story about Charlie Brown leading his gang of unsupportive underdogs in a baseball game.
This amazingly realistic soccer simulation is available on eight different platforms, and it makes taking control of the ball on the pitch easy.
Players challenge the Mushroom Kingdom gang to ball-slamming competition in either singles or doubles across a wide range of courts.
This unique game lets kids explore baseball, soccer, basketball, archery, skiing, paragliding and boxing using two styluses.
In-your-face sports competition that is more about playing with Mario than it is playing a sports game.
To play these dozen different sports games, family members simply move their arms.
Fun adventure game followed by a baseball simulation -- all starring the gang from the Peanuts comic strip.