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Can a video game teach kids about friendship? That is the premise of this new game starring the five BFFs of the LEGO Friends toy brand.
Adventure game set in the world of the Finding Nemo movie. It houses mini-games played with the characters from the movie.
An action/adventure game based on the movie Brave that squanders the opportunity to create a terrific video game with a strong female lead. Instead, the game plays like a typical combat adventure game created for young boys, where the lead character just happens to be wearing a dress.
Families with preschoolers now have a fun, interactive way to explore music and dance with their kids, using their Nintendo Wii. Kids join muppets Elmo, Abby Cadabby, The Count, and the Honkers to learn about musical instruments and to create music and dance.
An easy platform puzzler for young children. This is a good choice for a child that is new to playing on the Nintendo DS or 3DS.
Nintendo DS game featuring Pinkalicious. It is based on a book of the same name in which Pinkalicious loses a tooth -- her sweet tooth!
This video game is full of puzzles where players are presented with crowded scenes where they must "spy" hidden objects that fit a riddle associated with the scene.
Kids join the Team Umizoomi to play 25 math games.
Mario is busy saving Princess Peach, only this time in 3D!
Kids join Ms. Frizzle's class to go on an adventure under the sea. By exploring six different locations in the ocean, kids are exposed to and play with all kinds of underwater creatures.
Kids join Professor Layton, a master puzzle-solver, on a mystery filled with brainteasers and conundrums.
This platform-puzzling game makes saving the world a blast as you earn back one Kirby at a time.
A hilarious adventures with the crazy penguins from the movie and TV show.
This action game is full of platform puzzles set in the world of the Spy Kids 4 movie.
Children learn about personal hygiene, physical activity, nutrition, and rest and relaxation by playing games.
Kids become amusement park designers in the simulation game for the Nintendo DS.
This Lego'esque rendition of the four "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies is hilarious fun to explore.