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Learning grammar becomes fun by playing these six mini-games.
A book-loving raven inspires kids to read.
Kids capture a gang of outlaws in this rootin'-tootin' spelling game.
Grammar app lets kids practice diagramming sentences.
A fairy tale mashup full of clever surprises, where the words come alive to solve puzzles.
5 vowel-shaped toys bring hands-on play to 3 free iPad apps created for these toys.
Furry, red monster Elmo uses his considerable charm to teach your kids about the ABCs.
Fans of the Wallykazam show get to play four reading games with Wally and friends.
Why should the big name authors have all the fun? Get creative and communal making your own ebooks and sharing them with family and friends.
Your kids will jump and jiggle on jelly to find the letter J in this playful alphabet app full of thinking games and silly characters.
Adorable monsters introduce kids to a set of hilariously animated words in this free, try-before-you-buy reading app. This app is a sequel to Endless Alphabet, but it stands on its own.
An app where the animated characters talk directly to you and listen to what you say to create a conversation. While it isn't perfect, it is magical.
A library app with over 200 books and fun categories for sorting and finding new books.
Kids make their own animated movies starring Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the gang from Toy Story.
A rich playset of digital characters and settings for kids to use in making their own stories.
This app puts vocabulary practice inside of nine diverse, engaging games.
Letters comes alive -- wiggling, blinking, and saying sounds -- while monsters juggle, bellow, and nose around in this madcap alphabet adventure.
Preschoolers learn the letters of the alphabet by putting together highly creative puzzles.
AlphaTots combines the 26 letters of the alphabet with 26 fun mini-games.
Words become characters in this engaging interactive game, where they show their meanings through hilarious antics.