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Kids rev up their curiosity and learn about the world by taking on DIY challenges, watching curated videos, and sharing creations.
With Osmo attached to an iPad, the digital world that your kids can play in just got bigger!
When adorable bear-like Kiddie is good about following his bedtime ritual, he gets to put stickers on his going-to-bed chart. So does your child!
A portal to some of the best free educational games, activities, simulations, and videos on the web for kids.
Presenting a "Wonder of the Day," this site offers something new each day for kids and families to think about, view and imagine. Its purpose it to tap into kids' curiosity.
Learning becomes fun when its part of a game filled with wildlife adventure.
Brain Quest flashcards and workbooks just got a techie facelift with this fun handheld game that makes learning fun.