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Intriguing app that encourages kids to tell their stories, take stock of their feelings, and value others.
Ready your snippers, crimpers, and blow-dryers to create the wackiest hairstyles ever!
Kids use real Play-Doh to create characters and scenery to scan into the app to build their magical worlds.
Kids create their own digital theater productions based on six popular fairy tales.
Kids design robots to decorate cupcakes, dance, and party!
A magical 2D block world is waiting for your child's imagination!
Enter a world where monsters cavort as they swap out body parts in order to fly, swim, and stomp.
Mix up magical (or monstrous) meals for three characters with big appetites and bigger reactions!
Dazzle your kids' senses with this alphabetic journey into creativity.
Jake and Finn from Adventure Time invite you to join them in making your own video games!
Ready, Set, Action! With this set of intuitive digital tools, your kids will be creating and directing their own cartoons.
Don't just watch TV -- create it! Now budding actors can record videos and (safely) share their talents with the world!
Help Santa get ready for his big day by styling his hair and beard in wacky ways!
Girls create and direct their own video stories with as assist from Dora and her friends Kate, Naiya, Emma, Alana, and Pablo.
Kids put masks on their faces using the camera with this clever Halloween app. And its FREE!
If your little stylist-in-training wants to try giving haircuts, they'll love this digital salon. Creative styling tools and fun animations let kids experiment -- without chopping off their own lovely locks!
A fanciful and fun tool for creating faces out of everyday objects including food, toys, tools, and more.
21 animals await your touching. Their responses to your touch, tap, or swipe are magical, endearing, and hilarious.
This app connects you to your Facebook friends to a shared iPad screen for collaborating, using drawing tools, video chat, and photos. It is a place to let joint creativity soar.
Elegant app for teaching kids how to create their own stop-motion films. Kids can draw their own characters or use the stamps provided by the app.