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POKEMON GO – Parents Guide

by Jinny Gudmundsen

August 2, 2016

The app Pokémon Go is sweeping the country and is already the number one free app on both Apple and Android devices.  As the “hot new thing,” Pokémon Go is an app your kids are going to want to play. Since it wasn’t built for young kids (you need to be age 13 to sign up to play or else come in under a parental account), it creates risks parents need to manage.

I just wrote article for USA Today about what parents need to know about this app and how they can best protect their children while they are playing it. You can read my USA Today column entitled “5 Tips for Parents of Pokémon Go Kids” by clicking here.

After talking about the risks of your kids trespassing, talking to strangers, running up expenses using in-app purchases, walking distractedly, and becoming addicted to this game, I end the article on a positive note:

“With Pokémon Go, the good sides of the game outweigh the bad, as we all need more exercise, serendipity, and connection to others.”

But please check out my advice about how to deal with the risks before sending your kids out to snag Pokémon as they attempt to “Catch ’em all!”