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Developing Apps for Kids Conference 2015: AGENDA


Developing Apps for Kids Conference

2015 Agenda

9:00-9:05 Welcome by host Jinny Gudmundsen, Editor of Tech With Kids

9:10-10:00 Panel: Innovative Kid Apps: The Editorial Viewpoint

Stuart Dredge and Jinny Gudmundsen will sit down for a fireside chat to discuss how they each decide what to cover, how they rate products, and what are most exciting innovations in kids’ apps.

 10:10-11:00 Panel: Discovery: Thinking Beyond the (Unreachable?) Store Banner

This panel will focus on how to get your apps discovered in this ever more-crowded app space. What can app developers do themselves, and what other resources are there to help your app be found by the public? Discussion will include how to approach the media and bloggers, and how and when to use Public Relations/Marketing specialists. Are there associations and partnerships that can help?

11:10-12:00 Panel: Consolidation of the Industry

The past year has seen many kids’ app developers get acquired or sell off their suite of apps to others. Discover who is interested in buying (hint, they are on the panel!) Learn what smaller app developers need to do to put themselves into position to be acquired. Hear what it is like to get acquired by a bigger player, such as Google.

12:00-1:00 Lunch, Networking, and App Demos by Attendees (sign up on White Board)

1:10-2:00 Panel: How Branded Apps Work

Many of the popular kid apps showcase brands kids love. This panel will have executives from the companies that own popular brands as well as other app developers who have created branded apps under their own company name. What is involved in creating a brand-based app? How does marketing a branded app differ from marketing ones that aren’t part of a brand? How often do brands hire independent app developers to create apps?

2:10-3:00 Importance of Diversity Representation and Positive Role Models in Kids’ Apps

Apps are the go-to media of this generation of children. How much impact does what kids see in media have on their future attitudes? How does character representation affect a child’s willingness to explore an app? This panel will discuss the importance of diversity representation (race, gender, and ethnicities) and positive role models in children’s media.

 3:00-3:25 Coffee Break

3:30-4:20 Panel: Making Money: Monetary Models and Strategies

Paid apps, freemium, subscription, and free. Which economic models are working in the kid apps space? What do the statistics show? Are there any new models? Should you release your app globally? In what markets? Listen to a discussion as key app developers and data specialists share what they know and what they have learned.

4:30-5:20 Panel: Trends and New Frontiers in Children’s Apps

App-connected toys, Apple Watch, augmented reality, wearable tech are just a few of the new frontiers in children’s apps. Come and listen to thought leaders share what they think is coming down the pike and where they are headed.

 5:20-6:00 Networking: Attendees can also choose to use this time to demo their apps. Sign-up on the white board.

6:00 Conference Ends

NOTE: If you are interested in attending this conference, tickets are still available by clicking here.

6:00 to ???? After Conference Drinks: ThirstyBear Brewing Company, 661 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94105. Some attendees suggested it might be fun to meet up after the conference. Nothing formal and not sponsored by Tech With Kids, but sounds like fun.

Why Updating Apps Is Important: How Hoopa City went from 4 Stars to 5 STARS!

I love it when app developers listen to reviewers and their audience to make their apps better. That is exactly what happened with Hoopa City, an app we originally rated at 4 stars. Today, we upped that rating to 5 stars and here’s why.


The original Hoopa City app was a unique city-building game where kids as young as age five could play. With seven building elements dangling at the top of the screen, kids could easily decide which element would fill a square in their city grid. The app encouraged kids to explore by having them select a second element and then re-tap a square to see it morph into something new. As a consequence, Hoopa City earned our Best Pick Award; but we held back on awarding it our top rating because there were a couple of things missing.

The missing items were:

In a recent update, TribePlay addressed both of these issues by:


Because of these updates,  we changed our rating and are now excited to award Hoopa City our top rating of 5 stars. You can read our updated Hoopa City app review here.

Congratulations to the development team at TribePlay!