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Back to School with Apps

Back-to-School-with-Apps-Border1-700x81With kids settled into the routine of going to school and their minds switched into “learning” mode, this is a good time of the year to download some high quality learning apps to keep kids on the path of acquiring knowledge. The key to kids playing educational apps — especially at home — is to find the ones that make learning fun.

Our rec list 20 Terrific Back to School Apps does just that! On our list you will find apps that secretly teach Algebra (DragonBox Algebra 5+) and Geometry (DragonBox Elements) by putting those math concepts into progressively more difficult puzzles. There are also apps that teach the ABCs (AlphaTots, Endless Alphabet) and ones that make learning the 123s fun (Little Digits, Bugs and Buttons 2). And one that covers Preschool Learning (Leo’s Pad).

Some of the apps make Vocabulary Learning a game, such as:

But that is not all; there are also apps to teach:

We set up the list to go from the youngest users to the oldest. If you have very young children, we also have specific rec lists by ages, including:

And for kids in older grades, please use our search boxes. You can sort apps by grade. We would recommend putting in the additional search parameter of a star rating of 4 stars or up, so that your search return gives you the best apps in our database.

Do you have a favorite back to school app that we didn’t include? We would love to hear about it. Just use the comments section to add your recommendations, and please tell us why you like it.