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Websites for kids vary greatly from ones that are a reference to others that allow you to create things or play games. We strive to find the best websites for kids and share our reviews here. This category also includes virtual worlds for kids and MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online Games).

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Kids learn how to code by programming Frozen's Elsa and Anna to skate patterns on the ice.
A great destination for budding earth ambassadors where Alien Plum entertains kids with eco games, experiments, and more.
Maggie's Earth Adventures presents six free cartoon adventures that teach environmental issues by showing them in the context of a story.
This subscription-based website invites kids to explore the city of Curiosityville by playing with its charming residents made up of animated animals, including Artist Pablo the frog, Teacher Ruby the cat, Mayor Joe the monkey, and Scientist Rosie the mouse.
This interactive virtual space also offers you video chat, so that you can draw, collaborate, and talk with others online as you create things together.
A portal to some of the best free educational games, activities, simulations, and videos on the web for kids.
Presenting a "Wonder of the Day," this site offers something new each day for kids and families to think about, view and imagine. Its purpose it to tap into kids' curiosity.
A MMO where kids learn kindness, good behavior, and how to deal with bullies as the jet-set around the globe.
This free website houses two fun eco-sims. In one you design your own creature and in the other, you run through a house to see how much you know about keeping a house eco-friendly.