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Children's video games span all sorts of platforms from handhelds to consoles to PCs. We cover all of the current platforms as well as some of the older ones since our reviews go back to the year 2000. Our focus is to review the best video games for kids. While we review an occasional T-rated (Teen) title, the majority of the video games we review have earned a rating of E (Everyone), EC (Early Childhood), or E10+ (Everyone 10 years and older) by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). We don’t review any games that are rated M (Mature for 17 year and older).

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Lift your hands to conduct, compose, and change great pieces of music.
2014 GAME OF THE YEAR! Trap a villain, morph him into a real toy, reform him, and they send him back into the game to fight for good.
There is nothing like a great set of 3-D blocks to spark a child's imagination.
Can a video game teach kids about friendship? That is the premise of this new game starring the five BFFs of the LEGO Friends toy brand.
With a catsuit to don, and the ability to clone yourself into lots of little Marios, this platform puzzler is great fun for a solo player, but it is even better when played with up to 4 others.
This exciting adventure game uses real toy figures to introduce heroes into the game. These heroes have tops and bottoms that can be switched to create new heroes -- a cool feature that is tied into the strategy of how to best play the game.
80 mini-games to explore in several different modes, all with the theme of having fun with friends.
Action/adventure game that uses toys placed on a portal as the method of entering a character into the game. Also has separate Toy Box mode for game creation.
Play as Mario and Luigi in an adventure that takes place in both the real world and in Luigi's imagination (where Luigi's is the superhero).
A distinct Plants vs. Zombies game that is played exclusively on Facebook. If you liked the original, you will enjoy this one with new plants and new zombies.
Puzzle adventure starring Luigi, set inside a haunted house that is filled with environmental puzzles.
Excellent LEGO adventure where you play as an undercover cop saving the city from thugs.
Set of memory games that unlock slowly over time. They are hard, so get ready for some failure.
Girls learn the fashion business by working in a boutique and honing their fashion sense by helping customers. The game unlocks slowly over time and fashionistas will have access to over 12,000 items.
Electrifying mystery set in the world of the Tessla laboratory. Nicely combines science and sleuthing.
The third in a series of innovative puzzle games featuring Max, a boy with a magic notebook, this adventure game contains a series of puzzles that kids solve by writing in words of objects they need to solve the puzzles.
A compilation of hilarious mini-games for families or groups to explore on the Wii U.
This amazingly realistic soccer simulation is available on eight different platforms, and it makes taking control of the ball on the pitch easy.
A new way to experience a Harry Potter adventure by interacting with a magical book controller.