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The following kid app reviews represent some of the top kid apps found in iTunes and the Android marketplaces. We cull the app marketplaces, talk with App developers, pay attention to the app buzz, and download and play 1000s of apps every year. We don’t spend much time writing about apps that we don’t think are worth your child’s time, thus most apps reviewed on this site get a rating of 3 stars or higher. That said, not all of these apps have earned our "Best Picks" award. We add new app reviews every week, so check back with us frequently.

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Stack animals in a real world Jenga-like game to create new creatures in a lush digital world.
Kids use real Play-Doh to create characters and scenery to scan into the app to build their magical worlds.
Two adorable robots entice kids to play and learn coding.
5 vowel-shaped toys bring hands-on play to 3 free iPad apps created for these toys.
With Osmo attached to an iPad, the digital world that your kids can play in just got bigger!
This robotic racing cylinder, controlled by your phone, changes the way you will think about remote-controlled tech toys.
Kids use real counting rods to interact with 3 free math apps about making wacky food dishes, playing inside stories, and going on a counting adventure.
A gaming system for kids ages 3-8 that gets them up and moving as they learn.
This engineering toy for girls comes with a companion app; and both the toy and app turn your daughter into a movie director.
This exciting tech toy lets girls become engineers as they read a storybook which asks them to build things using the toys components packaged with the book.
With the tech toy Roominate, little girls build the stages for the stories they want to tell.