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Meet the Greens

Meet the Greens



This free website explores environmental issues as seen through the eyes of teen cousins Izz and Dex. The clever cartoon characters star in 15 animated episodes where they explore issues that most tweens and teens can relate to. For example, in one called "Pigs Fly," Izz and Dex look at how their breakfast food got to them. Noting that the bacon had been flown in (and thus that "Pigs Fly"), the teens examine how this process uses a lot of gasoline. Kids discover that eating local can also cut down on the need for preservatives and will support local businesses. The brainchild of WGBH Interactive, this site also has games, a blog, downloads and special features like a Carbon Calculator and advice about cancelling unwanted catalogs.

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Meet the Greens
Company: WGBH Interactive
Price: FREE