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Meet the Greens
For a free humorous take on environmental issues, send kids ages 7-14 to www.MeetTheGreens.com. Produced by PBS content-creator WGBH and funded in part by the National Geographic Educational Foundation, the site offers 11 webisodes – short video stories – that cover a wide variety of issues about living "green". Featuring cousins Izz and Dex, the site presents real-life eco issues by showing them through the eyes of these hip teens. In the most recent episode called "That's a Wrap," Dex unwraps a large present which has numerous smaller boxes inside to discover that the sender has given him a small notecard stating that a tree has been planted in his honor. Wryly, Dex notes: "But you have probably used a whole tree with all these boxes and wrapping paper." The site goes on to discuss new uses for packaging products and even shows a video about Furoshiki, a Japanese way of wrapping presents by reusing pretty fabric.

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Meet the Greens
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