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Meet the Greens
At the Meet The Greens website, kids follow the lives of two cousins, Izz and Dex, as they learn about environmental issues. The WGBH created website uses short animated Flash films, games, quizzes, and blogs to teach kids about "going green." Presented in episodes, the content within the website makes environmental learning fun because it uses humor and clever dialogue. By creating situations that reflect what real kids are experiencing, children can identify with the issues that Izz and Dex explore. In the episode called "Fresh Air," when Izz suggests that she and Dex take a walk outside to get some fresh air, Dex balks by saying "Can't we just look at it on the Internet?" This is a site that many kids ages 7 through 14 will find amusing.

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Meet the Greens
Company: WGBH
Price: FREE
Platforms: Mac