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This free website houses two fun eco-sims. In one you design your own creature and in the other, you run through a house to see how much you know about keeping a house eco-friendly.
The Bottom Line
Two varied eco-sims let kids explore environmental issues by playing fun games.


At the PBS Kids Go's Eeko World, kids ages 6 through 9 can explore environmental issues by participating in two simulations.

EekoCreature Game

In one called EekoCreature, kids design their own animal and decide where it lives. Once you have created your own EcoCreature by combining body parts from numerous other real world creatures, you release it within the EekoWorld. Environmental events will happen near your creature and if you participate in them, you earn points to unlock cool new features to add to your EcoCreature. An event might be that windmills are placed nearby and you will be asked whether they should be there or not. If your answer supports the environment, you earn points.

EekoHouse Game

The other simulation called EekoHouse, places you in a typical home with 10 minutes to go through the house and yard to find ways to help the environment. Among other things, kids will learn to turn off the water while brushing their teeth, close the curtains on a hot day to keep the heat out, and that front-loading washing machines are more energy-efficient than top-loading machines.

Website Analysis

While very different, both of these simulations let kids learn about the environment by playing games. By being active participants in their learning, the knowledge gained tends to stick.

Best For

Eeko World is a fun destination for any child interested in learning more about environmental issues.

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Eeko World
Company: PBS KIDS
Price: FREE
Platforms: Mac

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