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Meet the Greens
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A fun new site about how to practice environmentalism -- put in terms that kids can understand.

A Green-Themed Website

With Meet the Greens, kids learn how to "live green" by following the lives of two cousins, Izz and Dex, and the people that fill their world. Izz and Dex share their experiences about how to help the environment through animated cartoons, games, quizzes, and blogs.
Produced by WGBH, the creators of the award-winning FFFBI.com website, The Greens website will be adding new monthly content in the form of animated episodes and other interactive features. Aimed at tweens and teens, the website teaches by using humor and clever dialogue. For example, one of the interactive features called "Pants on Fire," has Izz and Dex presenting environmental facts; and you have to guess which one is lying.
The site's approach is to focus on things kids really care about and to explore how those things have an environmental impact. That is why the first animated episode, which will be introduced next month, is about fashion. "We're finding existing tangents with kids' lives to get them thinking about, or better, involved in, green issues," explains Bill Shribman, WGBH's executive producer of kids' projects. "So for Fashion we can introduce some basic issues through a storyline which has Dex and Izz trying to put on a 'green' fashion show in their garage." Subsequent episodes will be about shopping, school, and being outside.

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Meet the Greens
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