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Scholastic News Online, a news site for kids, has a kids’ guide to the presidential election. The site offers a wealth of information about the political process told in a manner that children in grades 3-8 can understand. It explains the differences between open and closed primaries, what a caucus is, when the primaries are held, and what happens at the Democratic and Republican conventions. The step-by-step guide takes kids through the process as if they were running for president
The site also provides a forum for young journalists to report on the elections. The Scholastic Kids Press Corps, a diverse group of kids from across the country, has been interviewing the candidates. “They get away with questions that other journalists just can’t ask," says Suzanne Freeman, Scholastic News Online editor. The youngsters’ reporting includes a series of interviews with the candidates’ children to get their perspectives on their parents’ campaigns.
Not only are there news stories to read, but there are also games and other interactive activities including a scavenger hunt, which sends kids to some of the candidates’ websites to find information. Kids will be able to vote in a mock primary and a mock election.
This site provides an excellent jumping-off point for further discussion about the election. By understanding the process, kids can start to think about the issues.

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