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Peetnik Mysteries

Peetnik Mysteries



Mysteries to Encourage Reading

Presented as part of Verizon?s national literacy program, there are three Peetnik Mysteries designed for children ages 8-14. Players help Penn Peetnik, a 12-year-old owner of Problem Solvers detective agency in Clutterbuck Valley, a virtual city. Penn offers a crash course to being a private eye by providing a ?Field Guide? which explains that players have many resources available to solve the mysteries: virtual yellow-and white-page phone directories, a telephone, an interactive map, and a ?Who?s Who? directory.

How to Play

These information-gathering tools are always available on the left side of each Web page. Kids call people in the town, listen to messages, explore the interactive map, and conduct research. The more people they talk to, the more likely they?ll solve the mystery.


The Peetnik mysteries are a little more challenging than the FFFBI mystery because they have fewer directives. However, they are easier to read because each page has an option to have the page read to you. Another nice feature is the ?Stuck?? button which offers clues when you reach a dead-end.

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Peetnik Mysteries
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