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A Math Site

Hotmath is a very helpful site for students taking Algebra 1 through Calculus. Its innovative approach is the result of a collaboration of math teachers who believe that helping students get ?unstuck? during math homework will lead to more overall success in math.

Homework Help

The site is based on research that shows that students who are given ?worked out? problems (problems that show the step-by-step process of solving a math problem) in addition to traditional homework problems, score higher on math tests than students who are given only the traditional homework problems.

How It Works

Hotmath.com helps students learn how to solve problems by providing step-by-step solutions to the homework assignments included in popular math textbooks for algebra 1 and 2, geometry, pre-calculus, and calculus. Students select their textbook and then the page and specific problem in the book. Many of the solutions include diagrams, which make the solutions easy to understand.
In theory, students could simply log onto Hotmath.com and copy the answers to their homework, but this type of abuse will not help the student when he or she is tested or asked to participate in class. By the time children are taking upper level math, most understand the importance of actually mastering the math concepts versus simply getting their homework done.

Best For

Hotmath.com is perfect for the student who has read the assigned section, attempted the homework problems, and is stumped by a few. Since the site is available 24/7, kids can log on for immediate help during a time when the homework problem is fresh in their mind and they are trying to work through the math concepts. Hotmath.com relies on the approaches presented in the child?s textbook in preparing the solutions for the site, so the site?s answers are consistent with what is happening in class.

For students using the site for homework, it costs $5 to $9 per month, depending on the course selected. An annual subscription is $60?considerably less than hiring a math tutor. Schools have free access to the site and solutions during school hours (7 am to 4 pm).

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