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The CyberSurfari Summer 2001 contest is currently in full swing and offers individuals, families, or school teams the opportunity to participate in an Internet treasure hunt that takes players to over 100 interesting sites. There are three “CyberSurfari” contests each year, with a brand new hunt beginning on October 19, 2001.
There are two ways to play CyberSurfari. One is to play the contest as a race. Contestants start at a specific time, and the first three in each of eight divisions to find 100 treasures on the Internet win cash prizes. Individuals are placed in divisions by age; but there are also divisions for family and school teams.
The other method of play is to explore the over 100 sites in a leisurely fashion and find treasures along the way. This exploration can take weeks or even months. Eligibility for prizes starts when contestants find their first treasure.
In both methods of play, contestants use clues to look for “treasure” on specific hand-picked websites called “outposts”. When contestants find the “treasure”, they can enter their unique keycode to register their find.

The outpost sites are a group of fascinating websites. Participants will visit websites relating to photography, sports, astronauts, music, games, history, science, and much more. The sites are selected for content appropriate for children ages 10-15, but most contain information that can be enjoyed by contestants of all ages. One kid-contestant beamed, “The websites were fascinating” but noted that “some of the treasures are really hard to find.”

So why should kids enter this contest? Kid-contestants found they learned a lot as they “hunted”. “I spent half an hour on CoolMath.com playing awesome math games before I remembered I was supposed to be looking for the CyberSurfari treasure,” laughed one kid-tester.

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