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This kid portal targets children ages 7 to 12. Its top-of-the-page tool bar lets children decide whether they want to check out games, fun, cool sites, shopping, bulletin boards (called “B Boards”), chat, or email. The games section has over 300 games which are refreshed weekly. Our kid testers enjoyed playing a wild game of tennis in the “Sports” games and Othello in the “Brain” games. The “Cool Sites” section was easy to navigate and serves as a springboard to a bevy of kid-appropriate websites. The site is linked to over 5,000 other children’s sites. Everything on the site is carefully monitored, including the email options and chat rooms. Children can only interact with children on their parent-approved “Cyberfriends” list. We liked the ability to set up personal chat rooms that take place on a spaceship. You will not find spam or adult lurkers here.

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Kids Channel
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