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Recently celebrating its one-year existence on the Web, Alfy.com presents a rich sight and sound web portal for kids ages 3-9. A special graphical interface helps make it easy for even pre-readers to navigate. Another helpful pre-reading feature is "audible rollovers" -- talking explanations that occur when the cursor moves over certain graphics. Created by educators to offer kids a fun and safe experience on the web, this site focuses on educating young children in entertaining ways using numerous interactive stories, games, and activities. Preschoolers will delight at learning to count by yo-yoing spiders up and down the screen in an activity found in the 'Brain Train' section. In the 'Music Mania' section, kids learn about instruments and melodies. The 'Surprises' section tickles the school age set with jokes and riddles. 'Cool Links' sends kids surfing to other fun and safe sites such as National Geographic and Seussville Science. To keep children safe from accidentally surfing into inappropriate sites, parents can download a free program called the “Alfy Shield.” When on, the Alfy Shield allows children to surf only "ALFY Cool Sites"—websites that have been reviewed and approved by Alfy’s educator panel. Alfy.com also houses resources for parents and teachers.

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