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The Express Page shows children how to build a webpage and then hosts that webpage for free. At The Express Page, after naming their site, children make a series of decisions about what the site will look like. They can choose the background image, a clip art graphic, line graphics, bullet graphics, and some animated graphics. Children can also import their own photos and graphics for posting on their webpage. Our kid-testers greatly appreciated being given so many choices. One noted that while Hometown AOL (http://hometown.aol.com ) was just about as easy to use as The Express Page, it didn’t have nearly the number of choices to help you personalize your website. Another nice feature about constructing webpages at The Express Page is that it offers a plethora of “cool” extras like a page counter (so children can keep track of the number of visitors to their site) or a “guest book” which allows visitors to leave comments for your child. The one negative is that the newly created webpage will have to host an advertisement. So far, none of these were offensive, nor did they bother the budding webmasters.

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The Express Page
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