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With the tech toy Roominate, little girls build the stages for the stories they want to tell.
The Bottom Line
DYI toy where girls can design their own dollhouses with engineering components.

Wired Dollhouse

Roominate is a do-it-yourself wired-dollhouse building kit. The kit comes with materials that snap together to create walls and floors, as well as furniture. But the diamond in this building kit's rough is its motor and switch, which enable girls to engineer things like a fan, an elevator or a flickering fireplace.

Engineering Toy for Girls

The result of a collaboration between Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen, two female engineers from Stanford, the toy expands traditional dollhouse play into an experience that also involves designing and building. Girls can try on the hats of both an architect and an engineer. Roominate lets little girls build the stages for the stories they want to tell.

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Company: Roominate
Price: 29.00
Available: Amazon

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