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Wappy Dog

Wappy Dog



Wappy is a white robotic dog with blue trim that comes packaged with the "Wappy Dog" video game for the Nintendo DS. The robotic toy responds to human touches, but it is most fun when played using the Nintendo DS software. The Nintendo DS acts as the kids' translator by letting children select questions to ask Wappy. The dog responds by barking and moving its body (it doesn't walk) and then the Nintendo DS translates this "doggy speak" into English. The puppy may tell you it is hungry, or that it wants to play a game with you. You can even play "Rock, Paper, Scissors" with it. In addition to providing kids with a series of questions and commands to which Wappy will respond, the software also allows for a virtual version of Wappy to appear in the game so that kids can play a virtual pet simulation game on the DS. With this adorable robotic toy at their side, kids will love owning a virtual pet.

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Wappy Dog
Company: Activision
Price: 49.99