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Life of George

Life of George



This box of 144 Lego bricks comes with a special playmat and a guide on how to play this game using an app downloaded onto an iPhone or an iPod Touch. The concept is that the app challenges you to build a specific design (like a car or a pineapple) as quickly as you can. When you are done building, you place your creation on the special playmat and use the camera on your iDevice to scan your creation. The app rates you on how well you built the requested item within the time used. For one or two players, this toy-plus-app combo blends fun Lego building with cool technology that can accurately register your Lego building skill. It is playable on two levels of difficulty. You can also photograph your own creations and then challenge others to build them. For all Lego builders, this is one competition you don't want to miss. There is a special Christmas album offered as an in-app purchase ($1.99) which gives you 30 new holiday-themed challenges.

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Life of George
Company: The Lego Group
Price: 29.99