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Dora's Explorer Girls: Dora Links

Dora's Explorer Girls: Dora Links



A talking Dora doll that connects with the computer to go on virtual adventures.
The Bottom Line
Fun online mysteries to solve with a talking Dora doll.

What's this Toy?

Dora Links is a 13-inch doll that connects to the computer via a USB port to open up a virtual world where the Dora and her new four best friends live.

Join Dora on Adventures Online

This Dora has aged up so that she is no longer in preschool, but rather in middle school. The online community in which Dora and her friends live is a rich virtual world full of mysteries and people to meet.

Lots of Mysteries to Solve

To sleuth, Dora must assume a variety of disguises, which translates over to the doll changing as well. For example, when the online Dora grows her hair long, so does the doll. If she changes her online eye color, the doll closes her eyes and when she opens them, they too have changed. The doll's necklace and earring can also change colors. While this Dora is somewhat of a fashionista, the online mysteries feature pro-social themes like cleaning up the environment, volunteerism, and helping the community. And the doll talks to you when she is away from the computer to announce when new mysteries are available online.

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Dora's Explorer Girls: Dora Links
Company: Mattel
Price: 59.99
Platforms: Win
Available: Amazon

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