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Easy Link Internet Launch Pad

Easy Link Internet Launch Pad



Why It's Hot: It creates a safe way for young children to play online at designated educational websites.

This device plugs into a Windows-based computer via a USB plug. When one of three small plastic figurines (keys) is attached to this device, it immediately launches educational activities from a related Web site. For example, when the Elmo key is plugged into the Launch Pad, games and activities from the SesameWorkshop.org website appear on the monitor.
Buzzworthy?: Yes. This device does a good job at keeping young children safe while allowing them to explore age-appropriate educational websites. They cannot surf the Web to other sites or get into any of your adult files. Kids are locked into the site until a parent enters a password to unlock them and the computer. Parents can even set a timer to limit how long kids can play online. Add-on Smart Keys come in two-character packs for $7.00
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Easy Link Internet Launch Pad
Company: Fisher-Price
Price: 30.00