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Leapster L-Max

Leapster L-Max



The L-Max is the newest generation of the award-winning Leapster, the first educational handheld gaming system for little children. This new version is similar to the original Leapster with oversized gaming buttons, attached stylus, and a touch-sensitive screen, but it has one new outstanding feature—it can plug into a TV for a big screen gaming experience. And when plugged in, L-Max software titles can create a dual screen experience where characters on the big screen tutor the player as he or she uses the handheld screen.
Letters on the Loose is a great example of L-Max software that takes advantage of the dual screen as Professor Quigley teaches kids how to draw the letters of the alphabet.
What makes this such a great gift is that, unlike the Nintendo GameBoy, this system is designed with little kids in mind--the games are loads of fun, easy to play, and all combine learning with the gaming. We think the L-Max beats out its competitor, VSmile Pocket, because of its dual screen programming and touch sensitive screen.
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Leapster L-Max
Company: Leapfrog
Price: 100.00