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Eco Rangers: Animal Kingdom DVD Game

Eco Rangers: Animal Kingdom DVD Game



The Bottom Line
A fun, educational DVD game that turns passive TV-watching into a thought-provoking, active experience.
In Eco-Rangers:Animal Kingdom DVD Game, youngsters ages 6-9 use the DVD remote control as a game controller and help five heroic characters complete environmental rescue missions to save wild animals.
Players head into one of five wildlife regions: the savanna plains, the ocean, the woodlands, the tropical rainforest or the Artic Circle. To rescue each ecosystem, kids must answer questions correctly about animals that live in the different habitats. Kids are shown video clips from the BBC, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel before they are quizzed.
"Which food does an orangutan like best?" might be a question after kids watch a video clip about this species of ape. Kids use the DVD remote to scroll to the correct answer of "fruit" from a listing that also includes "leaves" and "eggs."

Correctly answering an animal question earns a player a gem. If a child earns three gems in one wildlife region, he or she completes the mission. The game permits some wrong answers; but muff too many in a row, and the game sends the player back to the Eco Rangers' base to restart the mission. Kids earn an onscreen Eco Ranger Medallion if they finish all five missions.
Eco Rangers: Animal Kingdom is a fun game to play, especially because the five Eco Rangers are so dynamic. The three women and two men are racially diverse, very contemporary in their look and speech, and clearly excited about saving animal habitats. The high-quality videos feature over 250 animals and are fascinating to watch.
While there is no two-player option, friends can join in to answer the questions and play the missions. And kids weren't put off by failing a mission; they simply tried again.

Eco Rangers: Animal Kingdom DVD Game, turns passive TV-watching into a thought-provoking, active experience.

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Eco Rangers: Animal Kingdom DVD Game
Company: Snap TV Games
Price: 24.95