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Leapster L-Max Learning Game System

Leapster L-Max Learning Game System



The Bottom Line
A new souped-up version of the Leapster that is exciting because it can hook up to the TV for large screen play, and at times, provide a dual screen experience.
With the Leapster L-Max Learning Game System, kids still get the great mechanics that made the Leapster system work so well, including a touch-sensitive high-resolution screen (160 x 160 pixels); good sound quality; a multi-directional game pad button and other outsized gaming buttons. But what makes this version so special is that it can plug into a television for a bigger screen gaming experience. In addition, when the new L-Max is connected to a television, it will, at times, create a dual-screen experience by displaying different images on the television screen and the handheld screen. Kids also can draw on the handheld screen and then send what they have created to the TV screen so that their work can be incorporated into the video on the television.
The new L-Max will play all the old titles in the Leapster library on the built-in screen as a handheld (not connected to the television). A few of the older Leapster titles will project to the television screen, but to get the full benefit of the new model, parents will want to consider buying software designed specifically for the L-Max.
Users of the old Leapster model will notice a button on the side of the tethered pen which they have to click when interacting with the television screen. The clicking is not necessary when using the L-Max as a handheld (not connected to the television)—a mere touch will activate the screen.
The L-Max operates on the go, in a manner similar to the new VSmile Pocket handheld. Kids can be playing the L-Maxwith a cable connected to the television, but decide to disconnect so that they can take it with them. The L-Max gaming will continue in the handheld mode without a break in the action.
For owners of the old Leapster, is the new Leapster L-Max worth buying? Yes, because being able to extend play to a large TV screen allows parents to share in their child’s learning experience. The L-Max also makes it much easier for parents to give their kids support and encouragement. Finally, the dual-screen game play in the new L-Max titles, such as Letters on the Loose, adds an exciting twist.

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Leapster L-Max Learning Game System
Company: Leapfrog
Price: 99.99