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Star Wars Lightsaber Battle Force

Star Wars Lightsaber Battle Force



The Bottom Line
A very fun game to play on your TV where the controls are a plastic lightsaber.
With this TV game, kids use a special lightsaber to slash their way through seven levels of battles as they train to become Jedi knights.
To make the game work, you connect a 4-inch round “training droid” to your television’s audio/video input plugs and then position the droid on top of your TV. The training droid contains the games and has an “electronic eye” which, through the use of infrared technology, detects the movements of a handheld lightsaber provided with the game. As kids slice the lightsaber through the air, their movements appear as blue streaks across the TV screen. The game runs off batteries that are housed in the training droid.
Players start off as a young “padawans” in training at the Jedi Academy. As their lightsaber skills improve, they learn special combination moves, earn more powers, and go on missions as apprentices.
This is an easy-to-learn, but challenging-to-master game that gets kids up and moving. Kid-testers loved that they could defeat the famous foes, including Darth Vader and General Grievous.

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Star Wars Lightsaber Battle Force
Company: Hasbro
Price: 49.99