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b=Family Game Bundle

b=Family Game Bundle



The Bottom Line
Two excellent DVD trivia games for the whole family!

Bundle of Trivia Games

The b=Family Game Bundle contains The History Channel Family DVD Game: Time Troopers Edition and National Geographic Family DVD Game: Show Me the Wild! Edition. Each game is housed on a DVD disc. When it is inserted into a DVD player, the game appears on the TV screen. Up to four family members or friends can answer questions using the DVD’s remote control. Players follow the action on the TV screen, which displays the game board, the score, and a reminder about whose turn it is.

Unique Leveling for Each Player

Trivia games can be difficult for parents and kids to play together because parents (and older children) are often more knowledgeable than younger children. These DVD games utilize “Dynamic Leveling” technology that matches the difficulty level of the questions to each player’s ability. Each player starts on a different level depending on age, and during the game, the difficulty of the questions adjusts even more depending on how well the player is performing. For instance, if the youngest member of a family is consistently getting his questions wrong, his questions get easier.

Content from The History Channel

In The History Channel Family DVD Game: Time Troopers Edition families are quizzed about everything from pop culture to ancient history as they become time travelers in a trivia game hosted by comedian John Cleese. The game uses video clips from the History Channel including the Wright Brothers first flight and news reels from World War 2.

Content from National Geographic

National Geographic Family DVD Game: Show Me the Wild! Edition challenges players with brainteasers about the animal kingdom. From hippos to herons, kids answer questions after watching video clips from National Geographic.

Game Analysis

Family testers loved how easy these games were to use, and that competition between players of different ages works well. They say everyone playing learns from the game because explanations follow both correct and incorrect answers.

The two games, which are produced by The b Equal Company, are only available online at www.bEQUAL.com. The bundle costs $49.95, but you can also buy each game separately for $29.95.

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b=Family Game Bundle
Company: The b Equal Company
Price: 49.95

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