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My Own Learning Leap

My Own Learning Leap



This plush toy is a green frog doll named "Leap" that has lights and sensors underneath its soft surface. Parents individualize their child’s experience by using a special hidden microphone to record information and special messages to their child that are then incorporated into stories the doll tells. For example, the toy asks you to record the name of your child, the name of a special pet, the name of a brother or sister, the town where the child lives, a loving message, and much more. Mom can say part of it, Dad another, and even grandparents can join in.

The stories are interactive because Leap stops periodically and asks the child to make decisions by squeezing one of his two hands (one marked with a red dot and the other with a yellow). Leap’s alphabet shirt is touch-sensitive so Leap can play interactive learning games with children. Pushing on another part of his shirt activates more than seven songs.

Add-on cartridges are available to expand Leap’s story-telling abilities and each comes with a corresponding board book. Again, parents have an opportunity to record personal messages that will be incorporated into the stories that Leap tells. The add-on cartridges cover: potty training, the arrival of a new sibling, going to bed rituals, and learning about feelings. Each cartridge is $12.99.

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My Own Learning Leap
Company: Leapfrog
Price: 35.00