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PowerTouch Baby

PowerTouch Baby



This toy is a plastic platform which holds tear-resistance books that respond to the slightest touch (or the powerful bang) of a baby. The books introduce early learning concepts such as simple vocabulary, colors, shapes, and more. What makes this interactive book reader so good is that is can always tell what page the book is on. Toddlers can flip the pages and then touch something and the unit will knows exactly how to respond.

The toy comes with the “Baby Animals” book, and five additional books (and corresponding software) are available for $15/each. All the books for this toy are interactive to touch, incorporate music, and also have tactile aspects including soft fuzzy fabrics to feel. The books will read the story out loud and play find-the-object games with toddlers.

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PowerTouch Baby
Company: Fisher-Price
Price: 30.00