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Smarty's Workshop

Smarty's Workshop



Workbenches have always been a favorite toy. This year, kids can pretend to build and fix things with Smarty, an animated character who is attached to a unique workbench toy which features a liquid crystal display (LCD). This workbench is equipped with sensors so that Smarty “knows” what area of the workbench kids are playing on and he responds accordingly.
Smarty becomes the child’s best buddy as they “build” projects together. Every time the child hammers, saws, or twists in a screw, Smarty knows and acknowledges the child’s efforts. He may even count the number of times a child does an action. In addition to this support during free play, the Smarty Workshop comes with 50 different projects that Smarty teaches the child to build. The LCD screen shows the child’s progress as he follows Smarty’s directions to build imaginary things.

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Smarty's Workshop
Company: VTech
Price: 60.00