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N SYNC Hotline Fantasy Phone & CD-ROM Game

N SYNC Hotline Fantasy Phone & CD-ROM Game



For N SYNC fans, this smart toy combines computer software with a mock phone that communicates with the player. The pretend phone acts as the game controller throughout the software game and even “calls” the player after the game ends with special messages from the band.
Fans of N SYNC can play five different games with the guys in the band. In the bowling game, Lance, Joey, J.C., Chris, and Justin all appear on the bowling pins, and they talk to the player as they bowl—it’s wild! There is also a N SYNC trivia game, a game in which the fans can choreograph a dance for the band, a fashion game where fans can dress the guys for a performance, and a carnival game where players shoot kisses at the guys as they move across the screen.
This smart toy is great fun if you are a N SYNC fan, and totally sappy if you are not.

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N SYNC Hotline Fantasy Phone & CD-ROM Game
Company: Infogrames
Price: 45.00
Platforms: N/A