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Care for Our World

Care for Our World



This charming book app about ecology explains why it's important to care for all creatures, big and small.
The Bottom Line
A great book app to introduce children to the animals of our world and the concept of how all creatures on earth are interconnected.

Based on a Book

Care for Our World is a rhyming, nature story that introduces children to over 50 animals. This book app is based on a children's book of the same name written by Karen Robbins and illustrated by Alexandra Ball. Using interactive illustrations, animation, narration, responsive words, music, and nature sounds, this children's book comes alive in the digital world. Swathed in uplifting music, the gentle narrative delivers an important message about how we need to care for our earth and all the living creatures that make it home:

"Care for our world, for you and for me, for all living things from mountain to sea."

Additional Components

The app also provides coloring pages based on the illustrations, a habitat creator where kids can place animals inside of four backgrounds, and an interactive encyclopedia filled with facts about 16 of the animals featured in the book.

Book App Analysis

Care for Our World's 17 pages magnificently display animals frolicking and hanging out in a variety of locations, from underwater to within the canopy of trees. The artwork is breathtaking, with each page depicting dozens of animals intertwined with nature. By using numerous touchpoints on each page, kids joyfully interact with and get to know the name of each creature. For example, if you touch a lion, you will hear it purr, watch it rub its head, and see and hear the word "lion" spoken aloud.

The rhyming prose delivers a powerful message about the importance of stewardship of our Earth, and it reminds children that they need to help all creatures survive. The gentle music and the pastel-colored, animated illustrations create an environment just begging to be touched and explored. Add in the fun habitat-maker, the creativity-encouraging coloring pages, and the encyclopedia of additional animal facts, and the result is a book app that is special.

The narrator, while adequate, doesn't quite meet the superior level of the other elements in this presentation. However, the words highlight as read, and kids can touch any word to have it repeated. Here's the bottom line: Care for Our World is a spectacular book app!

Best For

Care for Our World is a book app that kids will savor. There is so much to explore on each page, that readers will return repeatedly. The sweet spot for this app is children in preschool through to early elementary. Care for Our World would make a great addition to a child's library of apps and is perfect for reading on Earth Day.

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This book app review of Care for Our World was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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Care for Our World
Released: 3/1/2017
Company: Sunbreak Games, LLC
Price: 2.99
Platforms: iPad
Available: Apple App Store

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