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An epic storybook app about two brave foxes who save their island.
The Bottom Line
This outstanding fantasy-inspired tale contains both exciting and scary moments, making it best for older readers.

A Tale of Two Foxes

Fox Tales is a beautiful storybook app featuring lush, hand-drawn illustrations, an epic adventure, and a fun challenge to find 4 stars hidden on each interactive page. The story stars a pair of brave anthropomorphic foxes named Samar and Kala, who go on a quest together to find out why earthquakes and falling rocks have suddenly started to threaten their peaceful fishing village.

Listen, Read, and Collect

A talented narrator reads the story out loud page by page, with text shown. This professional narration can be turned off in the book's onscreen Table of Contents. Storybook pages alternate with interactive story scenes that kids can tap to trigger little animations and sounds. For example, tapping the foxes causes them to make emotive sounds depending on their situation, ranging from wonder and excitement to fear. Tapping scenery causes it to move around and occasionally reveal a hidden star to collect. The scenes also support 3D tilt technology so that kids can twist and turn the scene to reveal more.

There are 45 pages with 21 interactive scenes, and if kids manage to find all 84 stars, a bonus scene is unlocked.

Positive Role Models

Fox Tales has the feel of an epic adventure thanks to stunning visuals, compelling narration, and a dynamic motion picture-style orchestral soundtrack that sets a dramatic mood.

We like that the story showcases teamwork between the two heroes (a male and a female), who work together to come up with clever, non-violent solutions to the various conflicts presented. Speaking of teamwork, two kids can search for stars – or simply interact with the scenes – at the same time thanks to the app's multi-touch support.

Best For

Although Fox Tales is listed as being suitable for kids as young as 5, there is a scariness factor for parents to consider. Characters are threatened by monsters and wild animals, including a particularly menacing giant spider in a creepy lair. We think its appropriate for ages 8-12.

Unlike most storybook apps for younger audiences, Fox Tales doesn't highlight words as they're read out. However, since this app is for older readers and isn't in the "learn to read" category, this absence isn't significant.

Great Quest for Tweens

Fox Tales positive messages and outstanding production values make it a fantastic choice for older readers.

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This Fox Tales book app review was written by Erin Bell.

All tech products are judged on a five star scale by looking at the following factors: fun, education, ease of use, value, and technical.

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Fox Tales
Released: 10/18/2016
Company: OhNoo Studio
Price: 1.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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