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Sago Mini Robot Party

Sago Mini Robot Party



Kids design robots to decorate cupcakes, dance, and party!
The Bottom Line
This joyful creativity app allows kids to design silly robots and play with them.

Design Wacky Robots

In Sago Mini Robot Party kids design their own robot to attend a robot party. At the party, their robot makes cupcakes (with sprinkles, of course!) and bangs on instruments to make music. This party-automaton will also swing at a piƱata and dance as party balloons and confetti appear.

Upbeat Creativity App

Sago Mini Robot Party puts kids in charge of designing their own party robot. The app takes place inside a robot-making factory.

After scrolling through the eight possibilities, players start by selecting the shape of their robot. Next, a body part-dispensing machine appears, showing heads, hands, and feet. When kids tap on one of the parts, they can drag it to their robot for immediate connection or let it fall off the screen. After one body part is removed, another part magically appears. All rules are out -- meaning that kids can attach heads where hands normally go, feet on top of necks, and hands where feet usually go. They can also decide what shirt the robot wears.

Sago Mini Robot Party creates a fun and wacky environment in which to experiment because the robot's heads respond to your every decision by making facial expressions. Once you land on a robot that tickles your fancy, your creation is whisked away to the power station. By turning a crank, you charge up your robot. Then, it's party time, with stops at the stations for decorating cupcakes, making music, and whacking pinatas. The party ends with the taking of a photo of your robot. The robot is then boxed up so that you can design your next creation.

App Analysis

Using no words, Sago Mini Robot Party creates an inviting environment in which kids can build robots. This robot-building app lets kids experiment with head, hand, and foot placement and provides lots of zany options, including heads with three eyes and bunny slippers for hands or feet.

Kids also decide how long to explore each activity by controlling when they move to the next station. If they want to build a cupcake with mounds of frosting and sprinkles, they can. Or, is it more fun to have their robot smash the cupcake? If experimenting with musical instruments is their jam, then hanging out at the musical instrument station is a must. Make sure to try strumming a guitar with the robot's foot -- its hilarious. And the party station has buttons to push that introduce balloons and confetti, as well as pinatas to whack. Appropriately, some of the pinatas are filled with nuts and bolts.

This app doesn't require you be connected to the Internet to play. It does have ads for other of the Sago Sago apps on the homepage, but parents can disable the ads from appearing by going to the Settings app on their device and turning it off.

Sago Mini Robot Party motivates kids to keep playing by rewarding them with new robotic body parts each time they box up a finished robot. While the process is the same for each robot, the possibilities are varied and always amusing.

Best For

Because Sago Mini Robot Party is so easy to use, it is a good first app for a child who is just starting to use apps. It also supports multi-touch, so two or more kids (or adults) can play together on the same device.

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This kids' app review of Sago Mini Robot Party was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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Sago Mini Robot Party
Released: 4/27/2016
Company: Sago Sago
Price: 2.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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