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Turtle Crossing

Turtle Crossing



Can a little turtle safely cross a road to get to a clean lake?
The Bottom Line
A beguiling turtle tale shows kids that perseverance (and a little luck) can save the day.

Meet a Creative Turtle

In Turtle Crossing, a little turtle is tired of living in a polluted pond. He can see a big clean lake across the highway, but can he figure out a way to safely cross the road? In this hilarious nature romp, Atlas the turtle reveals his creative mind as he tries different ways to cross the road.

After watching the cars stop for ducks crossing the road, Atlas' first attempt involves disguising himself as a duck and then joining a mother and her ducklings to waddle across the road. Unfortunately, Atlas is too slow and he gets trapped in the middle of the road. After being rescued by a nice driver, he is (unfortunately) returned to his dirty pond.

After brainstorming many more solutions and talking to a big, crusty snapping turtle, Atlas develops a plan to fly across the road. I don't want to give the whole story away, but I laughed out loud at the clever turn of events that land the turtle into the clean lake.

Kickstarter Funded

The 29 pages in Turtle Crossing -- An Animated, Interactive Storybook App were written, illustrated, and animated by Adam Winsor. This brilliant app was wisely funded by a Kickstarter campaign.

Book App Analysis

The key factor of a top-rated book app is an engaging story. Turtle Crossing nailed that factor by creating a highly entertaining story told in charming detail by Thom Wilkins, a droll narrator using a slow, southern accent. Atlas is a determined, young turtle that doesn't get sidetracked by failure. His out-of-the-box (pun intended) thinking is admirable and something you would want your kids to emulate. And the solution this little turtle comes up with is so funny, it will bring on your kids' giggles.

The beautifully drawn and greatly detailed illustrations contain many animated features -- the clouds move across the sky, water sparkles and reflects, and cars whiz by on the busy road.

While there could be more interactivity to draw the reader in, some taps are rewarded by animations or sounds. Also, the words don't highlight as read, but each page will repeat the narration when the words are tapped again. Since this book is targeted at children ages 6-8, most who are already reading, this absence of highlighting isn't all that significant. In addition to the narrated mode, the book app also offers a Read to Myself option. It too provides the option to have the words read when tapped.

Turtle Crossing comes with an easy-to-navigate index, so kids can jump to any page. And the pages are simple to turn by using the arrows found at the top of each page. The book is accompanied by twangy country music and appropriate ambient sounds.

Best For

Turtle Crossing is an inventive nature tale about a persistent and creative turtle who finds a way to escape pollution. It is a storybook app that will delight nature lovers and make your children laugh.
This kids app review of Turtle Crossing was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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Turtle Crossing
Released: 3/19/2016
Company: Adam Winsor
Price: 1.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store