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Even Monsters Bundle

Even Monsters Bundle



Two adorable monster tales bundled for a discount!
The Bottom Line
A economic way to snag two fantastic monster tales.

What's In This Kids App Bundle

Even Monsters Bundle combines two outstanding monster-themed book apps into one discounted purchase. The bundle contains Even Monsters Get Sick ($1.99) and Even Monsters Are Shy ($1.99). If you buy each individually, it will cost you $3.98. But by purchasing them in this bundle, you only spend $2.99, thus saving yourself $.99.

Even Monsters Get Sick

Even Monsters Get Sick is a book app about a little boy named Harry who discovers his pet monster is sick. By reading and playing through this app, kids learn about caring for others and the important role of doctors. Read our full review of Even Monsters Get Sick here.

Even Monsters Are Shy

Even Monster Are Shy is an adorable interactive story about how little boy Ben helps his pet monster Gurk overcome his shyness. This is an outstanding tale about how friendship can help others. Read our full review of Even Monsters Are Shy here

Best For

If you have a monster lover in your family, check out this Even Monster Bundle. These two apps are playful with deep messages.

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Even Monsters Bundle
Released: 3/1/2016
Company: Busy Bee Studios
Price: 2.99
Platforms: iPad
Available: Apple App Store

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