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Even Monsters Get Sick

Even Monsters Get Sick


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An adorable pet monster overcomes its fear of doctors.
The Bottom Line
Great monster romp teaches kids to look out for friends and to not be afraid of going to the doctor.

Heart-warming Story About a Boy and His Monster

Even Monsters Get Sick, a book app written and illustrated by Michael Bruza, delivers a delightful monster romp with games inside the story. Little boy Harry trades his skateboard to Mona to acquire a pet monster named Zub. Mona claims the monster is "lazy and boring."

After trying to entice Zub to be happy with fun activities like going to the movies, eating ice cream sundaes, and sitting on bouncy balls, Harry discovers that Zub is sick. Harry arranges for a doctor to look at the scared Zub, and then cares for the monster until he feels better.

When Zub is healed, the monster turns out to be a great friend to Harry. Zub is a master at imaginative play and shows Harry how to build a rocket ship out of bottle caps, play guitar-based video games, tell spooky stories, and find pirate treasure. And Zub is the best hugger, ever!

Why This Monster Tale is Great

Even Monsters Get Sick earned a high rating because it is a great story filled with fun, interactive illustrations. Accompanied by a soundtrack and music, the child narrator creates the perfect voice for the story. In addition to listening to the story, kids can also read the book by themselves. The story about caring for others -- including monsters -- will resonate with the readers. And kids see diversity represented in the two children as well as the monsters. Unfortunately, the words do not highlight as read.

Little boy Harry is a great role model for children because he is patient with monster Zub, observant, resourceful (he brings in his uncle, who is a doctor, to help), and follows through with medicine and food to make Zub well.

In addition to fun, playful animations on each page, the app also embeds games to help move the story forward. Kids direct Harry's bike (with Zub riding on the handlebars) through a maze of streets to get the two home. Players launch cans of soup into the monster's mouth to help him get better. And when Zub recovers and is his playful, charming self, players direct pirates Harry and Zub through octopus-infested waters to reach some treasure.

Even Monsters Get Sick is a great book app because its story is so engaging; and it teaches kids not to be afraid of seeing a doctor.

Best For

Even Monsters Get Sick works well with kids who are afraid of monsters, because Zub is irresistible. It is also a good kids' app to read when your child isn't feeling well. And it is perfect for kids who LOVE stories about monsters.

Part of a Bundle of Apps

For another, equally great monster tale by the same developer (Busy Bee Studios), check out Even Monsters Are Shy. You can buy both apps at a discount in iTunes by purchasing the Even Monsters Bundle.

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This kids' app review of Even Monsters Get Sick was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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Even Monsters Get Sick
Released: 10/12/2014
Company: Busy Bee Studios
Price: FREE - 1.99
Platforms: Android
Kindle Fire
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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