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A is for Amphibians

A is for Amphibians



Magical book app brings kids up close to frogs.
The Bottom Line
Kids will have a hopping good time learning about frogs with this impressive science app.

Book App About Frogs and More

A is for Amphibians is a beautiful 30-page book in which the illustrations are moving, video recreations of nature. The words highlight as read, and each page provides an in-page dictionary of important words. In addition to reading the book, there is a 3D Pond and a 3D World to explore. There are also two games -- one is a routine concentration game and the other is a hopping game about directing a frog over a gridded field full of predators.

Book Filled with Frog Facts

The strength of this app is its 30-page book filled with close-ups of different kinds of frogs and facts. Readers have three options for exploring the book: listening in the Storybook mode, reading it themselves in the Read by Myself mode, or using the Record my Voice option.

The book uses frogs' characteristics to explain what makes amphibians special. It explores how frogs can exist under water and above it on land. The app shows how frogs grow from an egg, hatching into a tadpole, and eventually becoming a frog. Readers will also see and hear many types of frogs in the video illustrations.

Two Open Exploration Areas

In addition to the book, the app offers two areas to explore. With the 3D World, kids rotate a virtual globe to select from 21 locations to learn more about frogs that are found there.

In the 3D Pond, kids use swipe and zoom features to explore a beautifully realistic pond. When players discover a frog or other living creature and tap on it, the app shows and tells them more about the living creatures. To help in the discovery, kids can turn on a "flashlight" feature that illuminates things to touch.

App Analysis

The book and the 3D exploration parts of A is for Amphibians are wonderfully crafted,exciting to explore, and offer content with depth. This app earns our high rating for those two sections.

Unlike a static book, this book app creates a vivid, flowing, natural landscape to explore. Insects fly, plants sway in the breeze, frogs hop and swim, and the water ripples across the screen. And the ability to tap on the dictionary to see which words and concepts can be further explained helps kids to dive deeper into this content. The words highlighting as read by the gifted narrator is also good.

The lovely 3D areas put kids in charge of their learning. Hunting for camouflaged frogs and other living creatures in the 3D Pond is exciting and rewarding. Likewise, investigating 21 different species of frogs in the 3D World widens kids' perspectives about how frogs vary around the world. They learn facts and can hear the sounds each type of frog makes. In both sections, information is spoken as well as written, allowing younger kids to investigate.

The only weakness of this app is the games section. The concentration game about flipping over cards to match the name of an amphibian (and other living creatures) with its picture is routine. The Frog's Quest game is unnecessarily difficult. But this app creates a rich experience without ever exploring the games.

Best For

A is for Amphibians makes great use of technology to create a special visual and interactive way to learn about amphibians, with a focus on frogs. It would make a great addition to any child's app library!

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This kids' app review of A is for Amphibians was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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A is for Amphibians
Released: 2/22/2016
Company: Bright World eBooks
Price: 2.99
Platforms: iPad
Available: Apple App Store

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