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CHOMP by Christoph Niemann

CHOMP by Christoph Niemann



Delightful app puts your face into silly situations!
The Bottom Line
By filming your face and transposing it into hilarious situations, this app brings you a barrel of laughs.

Laughter Inducing App

From the creator of Petting Zoo - Animal Animations -- one of our all-time favorite apps -- comes a new way to get your silly on.

CHOMP by Christoph Niemann presents over 50 hand-drawn, comedic situations with a blank spot for you to superimpose a live video of your head (the app uses the device's camera). Even better, if you tap on the drawings, funny animations occur with you in them, including seeing your head on a Ping-Pong ball as it bounces or whirling around in a clothes dryer! And you can record the animations with your face in them to create short videos to share.

50+ Scenes of Silliness

CHOMP starts with a short tutorial showing you how to put your face into the scene. It explains that once you have centered your face, you can tap on the screen to start the animations. If you scroll sideways, the scene changes. Or, you can tap on the square button in the upper left to access a table of contents. From there, you can jump into any scene you want.

All of the scenes are amusing and worth exploring. You can become a snail who slithers, but then comes out of its covering to ride the spinning shell like a unicycle. You can also become a dinosaur, a frog, an ant, a panda bear, a lion, and a myriad of other things. Some scenes make your image appear upside down and then overlay the eyes of a monster, alien, or a fish. You will see yourself turn into grains of sand as you slide from the top of an hourglass to the bottom.

App Analysis

CHOMP works brilliantly to provide players with funny scenes within which to improvise. Part of the fun is making faces to go along with the animations that occur around your face. In one scene, you can make funny expressions to go with the 12 hairstyles that cycle with each tap on the screen.

The app also provides you with an onscreen video camera icon. When you turn it on, the app seamlessly films what is happening on the screen -- including your facial expressions and sounds, so parents can enjoy their kids' antics (and perhaps, join in on the fun of making funny videos!)

CHOMP can be used in ways other than just showing the player's face. By switching the default, front-facing camera to the outward-facing one, kids can place the face of their cat or dog into the scene. What about using a favorite stuffed animal? This app encourages kids to think outside the box.

Not only does CHOMP encourage kids to be inventive in what they film, but it also demonstrates extreme creatively in the animations associated with each scene. Don't miss the masterfully done arm movements of the tuxedo-clad maestro. They remind me of the classic Bugs Bunny cartoon where he conducts an orchestra.

This set of personalized animated vignettes is a fun way to encourage your child to ham it up. It is also a great introduction to humor. Parents might want to ask their children which scenes tickle their fancy, and why.

Best For

CHOMP is the rare app that has universal appeal to all ages from 3 to 100! It is the perfect app to use when you need to keep kids entertained -- like on a trip or while waiting for the doctor. CHOMP is one of the funniest apps in iTunes. Don't miss this one!
>This CHOMP by Christoph Niemann kids' app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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CHOMP by Christoph Niemann
Released: 1/27/2016
Company: Fox & Sheep
Price: 2.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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