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Sago Mini Superhero

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Is it a bird, a plane, or Superman? No, it's Jack the Rabbit as Superhero!
The Bottom Line
This superhero app packs a lot of WHAM, BOOM, and BAM, while also creating a ton of giggles. Don't miss this one!

Grab Your Cape

Kids tap into their inner hero when playing Sago Mini Superhero, an adorable digital playset where Jack the Rabbit turns into cape-wearing Superhero Jack to repeatedly save his city. Kids control this little bunny champion as he flies around a metropolis helping citizens, rescuing kittens, and doing cool superhero things. They also watch him perform silly antics, including boogieing down with a formation of dancing spaceships!

30 Hidden Animations

Similar in format to Sago Mini Fairy Tales, players use their fingers to direct how Superhero Jack flies around the city. He can rise high over the rooftops of the skyscrapers to high-five the Moon, set off firecrackers, rescue a missing baby bird, or feed an ice cream cone to a rooftop-perching octopus. On street level, he can lift a truck out of a pothole, repair a gushing fire hydrant, or stop traffic to let a mama duck and her ducklings waddle across. Underneath the city, Superhero Jack can drive a passenger train, find a raccoon hiding in a garbage can, and zigzag to avoid the snapping jaws of crocs cavorting in the sewers.

App Analysis

Sago Mini Superhero creates a dynamic environment that kids can't resist. This city is full of surprises, silly animations, and opportunities to help others. The major animation spots are beaconed by yellow markers.

Plus, kids can just have fun with Superhero Jack as he slides down the back of a giant sea serpent, helps a penguin paint funny graffiti on a billboard, and uses his laser-sight to slice a cake into pieces. All in a day's work for a superhero!

Best For

Sago Mini Superhero is a great app for toddlers and young preschoolers. It rewards their touching the screen, and lets their imaginations soar as they direct Superhero Jack on his adventures.

Since the app has no words, parents might want to encourage their children to make up stories about Jack and his friends by asking questions. Why did the three kittens climb back up the tree after Superhero Jack rescued them? What was the giant Yetti doing in the city? If you were Jack, what would your superpowers be?

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This Sago Mini Superhero app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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Sago Mini Superhero
Released: 11/25/2015
Company: Sago Sago
Price: 2.99
Platforms: Android
iPod Touch
Windows Phone
Available: Apple App Store
Google Play

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