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Little Fox Animal Doctor

Little Fox Animal Doctor



Kids become the vet for 5 injured or sick animals.
The Bottom Line
While doctoring 5 irresistible forest animals, kids learn a little about medicine and a lot about helping others.

An Animal Clinic Nestled Inside of a Forest

Little Fox Animal Doctor lets kids cure five adorable, sick animals who come to the animal clinic located inside a hollowed-out tree. The animals present 15 different injuries or diseases. To let the player know what has happened to them, each animal shows a short video. Then the app guides the player through the doctoring process by presenting icons about what medicine or tools to use. Players find the needed items in a spinning carousel. When a patient feels better, it bounces with glee, flaps its wings, or offers an appreciative grin.

Return of a Beloved Character

If your children have played the popular Little Fox Music Box app, they will recognize the fox from that app as one of the five patients in this app. An owl, a mole, a bat, and a rabbit join the fox in the waiting room of this medical clinic. All five animals are adorable as they respond to your child's ministrations.

App Analysis

By becoming animal doctors in this app, your children practice medicine that they may have personally experienced. When the mole comes in with a sunburn, players will put a cool compress on the burn and apply a soothing spray. For the fox with a cold, your child will use a thermometer to take the animal's temperature and then drop medicine into its mouth. Each time your child plays, the waiting room is filled with the same five animals; but their illnesses vary because each animal can present one of three illnesses.

Little Fox Animal Doctor is a charming app that offers structured gameplay about helping others. Since there is no reading, it's accessible to children as young as age 3. The app presents extra touches that will delight your child, such as dressing up the sick fox in a warm hat and scarf or choosing the right sunglasses for the mole who was sunburned. Your kids will giggle when they discover in the carousel a slug to feed the owl! Also fun are the puzzles that occur whenever it is necessary to take an X-ray.

Little Fox Animal Doctor is definitely worth exploring, but it has a few ease-of-use issues. The carousel full of equipment is hard to spin, and some of the instruments are difficult to figure out at first. It may take your children several attempts before they get good at stitching up broken wings or wrapping the owl in a bandage. Parents might want to be around to help during the first round of doctoring these delightful animal patients.

Best For

Little Fox Animal Doctor is a great app to explore before taking your child to the doctor. It can be the springboard for a conversation about what doctors do to help kids feel better. This app is also a good fit for kids who love animals. After they cure these sick animals, children will bask in the appreciation expressed by the charming patients.
If you want to SEE what this app looks like, please watch our video review of Little Fox Animal Doctor here.

This Little Fox Animal Doctor app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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Little Fox Animal Doctor
Released: 11/30/2015
Company: Fox & Sheep
Price: 2.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store