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Twelve a Dozen

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Kids join the numeric hero 'Twelve' as she runs, jumps, and solves math equations to save her world!
The Bottom Line
This superb math game tickles kids' fancy with fun platform-puzzling while it expands their thinking with clever equations.


In Twelve a Dozen, kids embark on a save-the-world quest with Twelve, an adorable character whose face is a TV screen showing the number 12. Twelve's village of Dozenopolis has suffered an attack, and she needs to find and rescue her family. Joining her is a decimal point named Dot and other numbers she meets along her way. This exciting quest has 50 levels of platform-puzzling, where kids visit vibrant landscapes filled with bridges and switches.

This is a free-to-try game, where you must pay to unlock the whole game via an in-app purchase of $7.99. Alternatively, you can buy a Touch Press Games - All Access Pass for $4.99/month. This is a review of the full unlocked game.

How to Play

In this platform puzzler, kids help Twelve to navigate dangerous terrain by controlling where she runs, when she jumps, and how she uses math to eliminate the many obstacles in her way. Some obstacles can be eradicated by changing Twelve's face value. She does this by entering special machines (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) that allow her to combine with other numbers she has found along the way. Other obstacles can be overcome by Twelve's changing her face value into a special number that bestows her with power. For example, if Twelve changes her face value to five, she can swim to reach her destination. If her last digit is 4, she can push things.

The key to making it through each puzzle level is to collect all of the numbers scattered about. Once Twelve passes over a number, it joins Twelve on her journey, appearing in a conga-line behind her. Then, when needed, Twelve can pop into a number-changing machine where the players must puzzle out what numbers are needed. For example, if a bridge says only numbers less than 10 are allowed, then Twelve needs to jump into a subtraction machine with the number three and come out with the face value of nine. Likewise, certain switches will only activate if Twelve changes her number to match their designated amount.

The Kid-Appeal

With lots of falling debris and a color palate that is predominately black, kids feel as if they are navigating a dangerous world. Couple this suspenseful environment with an interesting story, filled with droll humor delivered by comedian Lucy Montgomery, and the result is a game with a quirky vibe, similar to that of award-winning World of Goo HD. Even better is the way that doing math isn't an "add-on," rather it is the core of the gameplay. Kids solve order-of-operations puzzles to succeed.

App Analysis

Twelve a Dozen is one of the best math apps on the market. It masterfully incorporates a robust early algebraic curriculum into a compelling adventure that kids will want to play. The app puts kids in control of their learning by letting them experiment, fail, brainstorm, and eventually succeed. By having kids work with manipulating numbers to reach goals, this game instills confidence in kids with regard to their math abilities. They learn to approach a problem from multiple views and that by trying again, they can eventually succeed. By playing Twelve a Dozen, tweens and teens discover that they can be problem-solvers.

Best For

Twelve a Dozen is great for any children ages 8-14 to explore at home. This is a math game they will be clamoring to play. But it also works well in a classroom. Teachers, there is a separate Twelve a Dozen Edu version, which is connected to the Amplify Education curriculum for schools.

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This Twelve a Dozen app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

All tech products are judged on a five star scale by looking at the following factors: fun, education, ease of use, value, and technical.

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Twelve a Dozen
Released: 3/12/2015
Company: Touch Press Games
Price: FREE
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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