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Story Warriors: Fairy Tales

Story Warriors: Fairy Tales



A fairy tale mashup full of clever surprises, where the words come alive to solve puzzles.
The Bottom Line
Fearless Bella marches through mashed-up fairy tales like she is the Boss in this hilarious and innovative app that encourages reading.

How to Play

In Story Warriors: Fairy Tales, classic fairy tales get a new spin. When protagonist Bela arrives in Fairy Tale Kingdom, she discovers a land where all the fairy tale worlds intersect. This intrepid heroine walks above the words of the stories. Sometimes the words come alive, creating either an obstacle for Bela or a way to provide her with something she needs.
The player controls Bela's movement and can stop her at certain words to make an object come to life. For example, when inside the Little Red Riding Hood tale, Bela can pause above the description of the wolf's claws. When the player swipes down with a finger, Bela magically develops "dangerous claws." These claws allow her to fight her way through the upcoming thorns that are keeping her from reaching Grandmother's house. The app offers 43 puzzle levels in which Bela defeats the villains from several classic fairy tales.

App Analysis

The sheer inventiveness of Story Warriors: Fairy Tales will make this app a welcome addition to a child's app library. It combines puzzle-solving with the reading of comical, fractured fairy tales. Don't be surprised when the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland lures away the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood!
While players are rated on their ability to solve the puzzles in a manner that allows Bela to reach the end of the page, the app offers unlimited tries. Kids stretch their creativity as they puzzle out how to use words to solve problems that appear in upcoming sentences. Story Warriors is special because it makes reading fun.

Best For

Story Warriors: Fairy Tales is a great app to get kids interested in reading. By combining gaming with reading, the app appeals to both reluctant readers and readers who enjoy a riotous tale. This app is also a good one to download before going on a trip because it is fun to play and has lots of depth. Since the main character is a fearless girl, Story Warriors: Fairy Tales showcases a positive female role model for both girls and boys.

This Story Warriors: Fairy Tales app review was written by Jinny Gudmundsen.

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Story Warriors: Fairy Tales
Released: 7/20/2015
Company: Thumbstar Games Ltd
Price: 1.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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