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This is my Food - Nutrition for Kids

This is my Food - Nutrition for Kids



Learning food facts becomes fun as kids explore this nutritional guide with interactive graphics and activities.
The Bottom Line
Great way for curious kids and supportive parents to discover a variety of food facts and healthy habits together.


This is my Food - Nutrition for Kids asks kids to think about their food: Why do we have to eat? Where does the food on our plates come from? How do nutrients get from food into our bodies? This is my Food briefly answers those questions, then encourages kids to apply that knowledge to a variety of activities within and outside of the app. There is a vegetarian option so kids don't explore meat dishes.

On each page, kids can tap on the paragraph to hear it read aloud in a child's voice. Extra information -- indicated by the paragraph symbol -- isn't read aloud and must be read by the child or a parent.

How to Explore What We Eat

This is my Food has no set order or rules, so kids choose what they want to explore, navigating among the five main sections. In "My Dishes", kids can scroll through different meals, then tap on different foods to listen and read interesting facts about them. Interactive graphics, matching games, and occasional mini-quizzes (is it a fruit or a vegetable?) reinforce learning. Kids are in charge of making their own sandwiches in "My Favorite", then they can take photos of the lists of ingredients to use as recipes or shopping lists later. In "My Top 5", kids track which foods they've tried and whether they like them. This is my Food will automatically show kids their top five most tracked foods, with subtle indicators about whether the foods are healthy or not. In "My Garden", kids are encouraged to grow their own herbs, taking photos and making voice recordings through the process. In addition, there is a mini-book with chapters on digestion, a balanced diet, eating seasonally, and more.

App Plants the Seeds for Healthy Eating

This is my Food has a little information about a lot of different aspects of food presented in an approachable way. Letting kids choose which of the diverse characters available will help them explore makes it easy to relate to the app. The kid narrator is enthusiastic about holistic nutrition and helping the body get all of the nutrients and movement that it needs to be healthy. Food facts are presented through a variety of activities, which help reinforce learning and keep kids engaged (explore the digestion section for guaranteed giggles).

Empowering kids to be thoughtful about their food early in life is a vital part of combating the rise of obesity, and This is my Food is making a contribution to that effort. Easy navigation puts kids in charge of exploring and learning based on their interests. Since This is my Food goes for breadth over depth, when kids discover a topic that really intrigues them, they'll need to go elsewhere to learn more — but This is my Food aims to spark that curiosity in the first place.

Just Add Parents to Help Kids Grow

This is my Food - Nutrition for Kids not only gives kids nutritional facts, but also primes them for practices that encourage healthy habits — food tracking, gardening, and meal planning -- things many parents are working towards as well! Parental involvement is a key ingredient for most of these activities, particularly for gardening, where the instructions are pretty vague, and parents with the Apple Watch can link to the corresponding app. We encourage parents to check out the PDF handbook linked from the app, which contains additional activities and printouts for kids.

This is my Food is new to the U.S. market, and there are a few small quirks, grammatical errors, and Europeanisms (eat your aubergines, everyone!).

Best For

This is my Food is best for curious kids. It is a great app to use for kids who are learning about nutrition in school, helping their parents make dinner at home, or asking questions about food. As parents learn more about healthy choices, perhaps even using a food tracker themselves, This is my Food provides a fun and helpful tool for kids to get in on the action.

This is my Food - Nutrition for Kids app review was written by Liz K. McKinney.

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This is my Food - Nutrition for Kids
Released: 7/15/2015
Company: urbn; pockets
Price: 2.99
Platforms: iPad
iPod Touch
Available: Apple App Store

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